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About our Reusable Shopping Bags
About our Cloth Shopping Bags

We know that you've probably come across our site because you've already decided to use cloth bags in your shopping adventures. Most of our customers seek answers to the same questions as they shop for their perfect bags:

Are these bags made of natural and organic materials? The answer at Green-kits is "Yes!" We do not offer polypropelyne or other petroleum-based textiles. All of our bags are made from either natural or SKAL certified organic cotton.

Are these bags made in the USA or are they fair trade? The answer at Green-kits is "Yes!" Our bags are made from cotton that is grown and woven in India using fair trade/fair labor. The bags are then floated to the USA and are decorated here in Virginia.

Are these bags printed using an earth-friendly process? I've heard screen printing is horrible for the environment. The answer at Green-kits is "Yes!" Screen printing uses toxic plastisol or petroleum-based inks and then requires a ton of toxic aerosol-based cleaning agents. Green-kits uses water-based inks that are applied directly to the garment and are heat cured. Best of all, no clean-up required.

Are these bags machine washable? The answer at Green-kits is "Yes!" Bags wipe clean with a washcloth for daily cleaning, or simply toss them in the washer for a deep clean (cold water, drip dry). We recommend turning bags inside out if imprinted to minimize fading.

Are these bags affordable? The answer at Green-kits is "Maybe!" Hey, who are we to decide what is affordable for you? But with options starting at only $5 per bag with a maximum price of $15 for printed organic options, we think there is something to suit everyone's budget.

We're not here to make a case for using cloth grocery bags. We know that you've probably already come to the decision. What green-kits offers are a variety of cotton bags in various sizes and weights. All of our bags are available blank or imprinted with simple designs.

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The Bag Shape Some shopping bag manufacturers try to mimic the look and feel of paper grocery bags. By doing so, they feel there will be less opposition from the grocery store baggers, who are used to traditionally sized bags. This also makes an easier transition for those grocery shoppers making the switch from paper to cloth. We find, however, that our wider-than-tall format makes weight distribution a little more pleasant than the traditional taller-than-wide format thus making the bag easier to carry. Also, a wider bag offers the capacity for more groceries per bag.

The Bag Handle Our shoulder length handles are a little more versatile than the short handles of paper or plastic sacks. Choose to throw a bag over the shoulder, carry it over a bent arm, or carry it in your hand. And with the size and strength of our reusable grocery bags, it’s easy to carry 3 or 4 bags on the shoulders while picking up the mail, opening the front door, and petting the pooch who’s just greeted you at the door.

The Bag Material We offer our reusable bags in a variety of cotton cloth weights and finishes. From our medium cotton EcoBags to our lightweight TerraTote Juniors to our heavy duty cotton TerraTotes; our bags are meant to meet the various needs of the everyday grocery shopper. We also offer organic options – our new SKAL certified organic TerraTotes are now available! Bags at a Glance

The Bag Imprint It’s very tempting to take a regular cloth tote bag, screen print a cute design on it, and repurpose it as a reusable grocery bag. And as long as people are using cloth bags instead of paper or plastic, that’s OK with us. We, however, choose to take our efforts a little further. Our shopping bags are made using fair wage and labor practices. They are made of all natural or SKAL certified organic cotton. They are printed in the USA. Each bag is printed by hand using water-based inks, are heat cured, and no chemicals are required at any stage of the printing process.

The Bag Transport Getting our cloth grocery bags to the “front line” is half the battle! We offer all modes of transport, but always provide carbon neutrality. In partnership with TerraPass, every shipment of cloth bags that we coordinate is carbon offset. This means that all the bad stuff that results from transportation (CO2, global warming, oil dependence, ick) is counterbalanced by the funding of renewable energy including wind energy, biomass (like dairy farm methane), and biodiesel. For more information about TerraPass, visit

Please use and reuse our offering of cloth grocery bags. Do it for the environment. Do it for your kids. Do it because you’re sick and tired of all those plastic bags that have taken over under the sink.

Shop for Reusable Grocery Bags now!