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All Clean Green-kit
All Clean Green-kit
All Clean Green-kit
Item#: GK-8
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

The All Clean Kit contains only our finest cleaning products, no paper or household goods. For those that want to get right down to it. This kit now contains floor cleaner!

Orange Plus All-Purpose Spray 22 oz. - A free-rinsing phosphate free cleaner that penetrates to remove grease and grime. Use on kitchen/bathroom surfaces, floors, glass, and more. Manufactured by Earth Friendly Products

Lemon & Aloe Dishwashing Liquid 16 oz. - Our favorite dishwashing product is derived from plant based ingredients, leaves no chemical residue, offers complete biodegradability, and has minimum impact on aquatic life. Manufactured by Ecover

Automatic Dishwasher Powder 48 oz. - This lightly scented powder effectively removes dried on food and tough stains AND leaves your dishes sparkling! Biodegradable, plant based ingredients and as with all of our products, no animal testing. Also available in tablets, availability varies. Manufactured by Ecover

Toilet Cleaner 24 oz. - A natural cedar oil based cleaner works effectively against water stains. There is nothing else on the market with this unique cedar oil scent. Manufactured by Earth Friendly Products

Glass Cleaner with Vinegar 22 oz. - Using vinegar and coconut based soap, this all natural spray works on windows, mirrors and other hard surfaces without leaving streaks or film. Manufactured by Earth Friendly Products

Ecover Floor Soap 32 oz. - All natural floor care and protection with saponified oils and a fresh fragrance from plant-based ingredients. Leaves no chemical residue. Safe for babies and pets! Suitable for all non-treated floors including tile, marble, concrete, and linoleum. Manufactured by Ecover

Shower Cleaner 22 oz. - The only non-petroleum based, naturally derived shower cleaner on the market. Contains tea tree oil and lavender. Prevents hard water stains and eliminates soap scum. Works on glass, tub, tile, and fixtures. Manufactured by Earth Friendly Products

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